prof. dr. ir. J. (Jan) Komdeur

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  1. 2021
  2. 2020
  3. Berg, M. L., Beebe, S. C., Komdeur, J., Cardilini, A. P. A., Ribot, R. F. H., Bennett, A. T. D., & Buchanan, K. L. (2020). Senescence of song revealed by a long-term study of the Seychelles warbler (Acrocephalus sechellensis). Scientific Reports, 10(1), [20479].
  4. 2019
  5. Pogany, A., Morvai, B., Krause, E. T., Kitsios, E., Boehm, T., Ruploh, T., von Engelhardt, N., Szekely, T., Komdeur, J., Miklosi, A., & Krueger, O. (2019). Short- and long-term social effects of parental sex roles in Zebra finches. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, [294].
  6. Song, Z., Zou, Y., Hu, C., Ye, Y., Wang, C., Qing, B., Komdeur, J., & Ding, C. (2019). Silver spoon effects of hatching order in an asynchronous hatching bird. Behavioral Ecology, 30(2), 509-517.
  7. McClelland, S. C., Durães Ribeiro, R., Mielke, H. W., Finkelstein, M. E., Gonzales, C. R., Jones, J. A., Komdeur, J., Derryberry, E., Saltzberg, E. B., & Karubian, J. (2019). Sub-lethal exposure to lead is associated with heightened aggression in an urban songbird. The Science of the Total Environment, 654, 593-603.
  8. 2018
  9. 2017
  10. Feare, C. J., van der woude, J., Greenwell, P., Edwards, H. A., Taylor, J. A., Larose, C. S., Ahlen, P-A., West, J., Chadwick, W., Pandey, S., Raines, K., Garcia, F., Komdeur, J., & de Groene, A. (2017). Eradication of common mynas Acridotheres tristis from Denis Island, Seychelles. Pest management science, 73(2), 295-304.
  11. 2016
  12. Morvai, B., Nanuru, S., Mul, D., Kusche, N., Milne, G., Szekely, T., Komdeur, J., Miklosi, A., & Pogany, A. (2016). Diurnal and Reproductive Stage-Dependent Variation of Parental Behaviour in Captive Zebra Finches. PLoS ONE, 11(12), [e0167368].
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