J.K. van der Sluis, MSc

PHD student/Teaching Unit

J.K. van der Sluis, MSc
j.k.van.der.sluis rug.nl


  1. 2019
  2. van der Sluis, J., den Hartigh, R., & Zaal, F. (2019). The Effects of Psychological Momentum on Affordances. Poster session presented at International Conference on Perception and Action, Groningen, Netherlands.
  3. van der Sluis, J. K., van der Steen, S., Stulp, G., & den Hartigh, R. J. R. (2019). Visualizing individual dynamics: The case of a talented adolescent. In E. S. Kunnen, N. N. P. De Ruiter, B. F. Jeronimus, & M. A. E. Van der Gaag (Eds.), Psychosocial Development in Adolescence: Insights from the Dynamic Systems Approach (pp. 209-222). (Studies in Adolescent Development). Routledge.
  4. 2018

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