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Vocational education and training for African development: A literature review

Exploring agricultural vocational pedagogy in Uganda: students' experiences

The influence of out-of-institution environments on the university schooling project of non-traditional students in Uganda

Motivations for participation in higher education: Narratives of non-traditional students at Makerere University in Uganda, InternationalJournal of Lifelong Education

Towards a conceptual framework for developing capabilities of ‘new’ types of students participating in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa

A review of enabling factors in support intervention programmes for early school leavers: What are the implications for Sub-Saharan Africa?

Building vocational skills for marginalised youth in Uganda: A SWOT analysis of four training programmes

Using participatory action research to improve vocational skills training for marginalised youth in Uganda: Experiences from an early school-leavers' project

Combating social exclusion of the youth: Challenges and opportunities of programmes and policies in three different contexts. Commonwealth

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