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Patient‐rated impulsivity and aggression compared with clinician‐rated risk in a forensic psychiatric sample: Predicting inpatient incidents

Offense type as determinant of revenge and forgiveness after victimization: Adolescents’ responses to injustice and aggression

Predictive validity of the HKT-R risk assessment tool:: Two and 5-year violent recidivism in a nationwide sample of Dutch forensic psychiatric patients

Registered Replication Report on Srull and Wyer (1979)

Eenzame opsluiting in Nederland: Over het gebruik van de isoleercel in penitentiaire instellingen

Treatment of substance use disorder in forensic psychiatric patients: the role of impulsivity

De bruikbaarheid van agressievragenlijsten in de Nederlandse forensisch-psychiatrische praktijk

Revenge and forgiveness after victimization: Differences between violent offenders and male students from various educational settings

Mood dependence of perceived criticism: A significant null finding

Once a psycho, always a psycho? Dynamic assessment of psychopathy with the HKT-Revised.

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