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Application of the Scale for Assessment and Rating of Ataxia in toddlers

Changes in body size and body composition in survivors of childhood cancer: seven years follow-up of a prospective cohort study

Controlled DCD Liver Transplantation Is Not Associated With Increased Hyperfibrinolysis and Blood Loss After Graft Reperfusion

Driving Pressure Is Associated With Outcome in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Failure

Effect of pediatric ventilation weaning technique on work of breathing

Global and Regional Tidal Volume Distribution in Spontaneously Breathing Mechanically Ventilated Children

Is there an optimal degree of correction for ankle varus deformity after supramalleolar osteotomy? A systematic review

Locoregional Residual Esophageal Cancer after Neo-adjuvant Chemoradiotherapy and Surgery Regarding Anatomic Site and Radiation Target Fields A Histopathologic Evaluation Study: A Histopathologic Evaluation Study

Long-term Chikungunya sequelae and quality of life 2.5 years post-acute disease in a prospective cohort in Curaçao

Metabolic control during the neonatal period in phenylketonuria: associations with childhood IQ

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