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Brain death-induced lung injury is complement dependent, with a primary role for the classical/lectin pathway

Ex Vivo Perfusion With Methylprednisolone Attenuates Brain Death-induced Lung Injury in Rats

Immunomodulation of brain death-induced lung injury

Rat donor lung quality deteriorates more after fast than slow brain death induction

Blocking Complement Factor B Activation Reduces Renal Injury and Inflammation in a Rat Brain Death Model

Complement Therapeutics in the Multi-Organ Donor: Do or Don't?

First experience with ex vivo lung perfusion for initially discarded donor lungs in the Netherlands: a single-centre study

Pain score, desire for pain treatment and effect on pain satisfaction in the emergency department: a prospective, observational study

Complement inhibition during brain death to improve the quality of thoracic organs: Which pathway(s) has potential?

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Friese promovenda ziet kansen op betere kwaliteit donorlong