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Reading Josephus' "Prophetic" Inspiration in the Cave of Jotapata (War 3.351-354) in Roman Context

Review of Maren R. Niehoff, Philo of Alexandria: An Intellectual Biography (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018)

Review of Martin Friis, Image and Imitation: Josephus' Antiquities 1-11 and Greco-Roman Historiography

An Introduction to Flavius Josephus (circa 37/38-circa 100)

Flavius Josephus' Self-Characterization in First-Century Rome: A Literary Analysis of the Autobiographical Passages in the Bellum Judaicum

Josephus between Jerusalem and Rome: Cultural Brokerage and the Rhetoric of Emotion in the Bellum Judaicum (1.9–12)

Overcoming Otherness in Flavian Rome: Flavius Josephus and the Rhetoric of Identity in the Bellum Judaicum

Waarom er op de Tempelberg geen tempel meer staat: Joodse opstand 66-70

Marcus, Ralph

Over religie (of het gebrek daaraan) in de oudheid

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Flavius Josephus: gekleurd maar betrouwbaar historicus

Eelco Glas promoveert op proefschrift over Flavius Josephus’ Joodse Oorlog