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A Pediatrics Utilization Study in The Netherlands to Identify Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Suitable for Inkjet Printing on Orodispersible Films

Development of an Orodispersible Film Containing Stabilized Influenza Vaccine

Orodispersible films as a personalized dosage form for nursing home residents, an exploratory study

Oromucosal films: from patient centricity to production by printing techniques

Printing biopharmaceuticals onto orodispersible films

Comparison of Rheological and Sedimentation Behavior of Commercially Available Suspending Vehicles for Oral Pharmaceutical Preparations

Orodispersible films based on blends of trehalose and pullulan for protein delivery

Pullulan and trehalose based films for protein delivery in the oral cavity

Addition of Pullulan to Trehalose Glasses Improves the Stability of β-Galactosidase at High Moisture Conditions

Development of orodispersible films with selected Indonesian medicinal plant extracts

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