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Daily dynamics and mechanisms of anxious symptomatology in the general population: A network study during the COVID-19 pandemic

Back to life, back to reality: A multi-level dynamic network analysis of student mental health upon return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic

Evaluation of the cognitive behavioural theory of eating disorders: A network analysis investigation

Integrating clinician and patient case conceptualization with momentary assessment data to construct idiographic networks: Moving toward personalized treatment for eating disorders

Reporting Standards for Psychological Network Analyses in Cross-Sectional Data

Using clinical expertise and empirical data in constructing networks of trauma symptoms in refugee youth

Within- and across-day patterns of interplay between depressive symptoms and related psychopathological processes: a dynamic network approach during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bereavement or breakup: Differences in networks of depression

Bridging the gap between complexity science and clinical practice by formalizing idiographic theories: a computational model of functional analysis

Cross-Sectional Study on MRI Restaging After Chemoradiotherapy and Interval to Surgery in Rectal Cancer: Influence on Short- and Long-Term Outcomes

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