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Essays on the governance of buyer-supplier relationships

Burden of antimicrobial resistance in European hospitals: excess mortality and length of hospital stay associated with bloodstream infections due to Escherichia coli resistant to third-generation cephalosporins

The European Central Bank at ten

Analysis of the Vignale-Kohn current functional in the calculation of the optical spectra of semiconductors

Performance of the Vignale-Kohn functional in the linear response of metals

A physical model for the longitudinal polarizabilities of polymer chains

Mutations c.459+1G>A and p.P426L in the ARSA gene: Prevalence in metachromatic leukodystrophy patients from European countries

Application of time-dependent current-density-functional theory to nonlocal exchange-correlation effects in polymers

Ultranonlocality in Time-Dependent Current-Density-Functional Theory: Application to Conjugated Polymers

Current density functional theory for optical spectra: A polarization functional

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