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How to find us dr. J.A.C.J. (Jojanneke) Bastiaansen

Research interests

I am a senior researcher at GGZ Friesland and the UMCG's Interdisciplinary Center Psychopathology and Emotion regulation (ICPE, a research center that performs high-quality psychiatric research at the crossroads of various disciplines. My research is located at the junction of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience with a primary focus on emotion processing. My ambition is to elucidate psychobiological processes that are involved in the onset and course of psychiatric disorders in general, and anxiety and mood disorders in particular. To this end, I perform my research in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies, longitudinal population cohorts (TRAILS, as well as in in-depth idiographic studies (n = 1, iLab to bring the individual person back into focus. Heterogeneity between individuals and person-specific variability are not a nuisance, but important measures of interest.

Alongside my work as a researcher in psychiatry I pursue research and teaching in scientific integrity and reproducibility issues. In terms of research, I have co-authored a couple of publications on reporting and citation biases in the scientific literature. In terms of teaching, I have co-developed an animation on reporting and citation biases, which is freely available online. We use this animation in the scientific integrity course for PhD students of the University of Groningen and in research training for clinical psychologists. I also try raising awareness about reproducibility issues by writing blogs on my own experiences as an early career researcher for junior scientists and the general public (

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Comparing the evidential strength for psychotropic drugs: a Bayesian meta-analysis

Comparison of Two Ecological Momentary Intervention Modules for Treatment of Depression on Momentary Positive and Negative Affect

Patients' experience of an ecological momentary intervention involving self-monitoring and personalized feedback for depression

Affect fluctuations examined with ecological momentary assessment in patients with current or remitted depression and anxiety disorders

An evaluation of the efficacy of two add-on ecological momentary intervention modules for depression in a pragmatic randomized controlled trial (ZELF-i)

Time to get personal? The impact of researchers choices on the selection of treatment targets using the experience sampling methodology: The impact of researchers choices on the selection of treatment targets using the experience sampling methodology

Effect of self-monitoring through experience sampling on emotion differentiation in depression

From laboratory to life: associating brain reward processing with real-life motivated behaviour and symptoms of depression in non-help-seeking young adults

Different Aspects of the Neural Response to Socio-Emotional Events Are Related to Instability and Inertia of Emotional Experience in Daily Life: An fMRI-ESM Study

Prefrontal cortex activation during a cognitive reappraisal task is associated with real-life negative affect reactivity

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