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dr. J.A. (Judith) Vega

Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy
dr. J.A. (Judith) Vega

A choice from conference papers, public lectures, public debates:


2014 - Academische vrijheid als positieve vrijheid: de reikwijdte van een begrip. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

2014 - Pornography as Critique: the Sadean perspective. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

2014 - Hannah Arendt en The Human Condition. Felix Meritus, Amsterdam.

2013 - De eenzame wandelaar? Nacht van de Filosofie, Groningen.

2012 - Is There Life After the Euro Crisis? Symposium Euroculture, University of Groningen.

2011 - Tolerance. Television debate VPRO-ZOZ (moderator Anil Ramdas).

2010 - Welcome: film over vrijheid. Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte, KULeuven, Leuven.

2010 - The Little Philosophers go to the Movies. IFFR, Debate centre Arminius/Studium Generale Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

2009 - How To See Democracy. The visual arts and the mediated public sphere. 9th ESA conference, Lisbon. 

2009 - De verbeelding van de stad. GenderGala Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, IIAV, Amsterdam.

2009 - De seksualisering van de maatschappij. JS-PvdA (Young Socialists, Labour Party), The Hague.

2009 - Everything you always wanted to know about Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Studium Generale Groningen.

2008 - Film als publieke sfeer , 'Film denken', debate 50th anniversary, Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie, Amsterdam.

2008 - The Cinematic Street: Public space between everyday life and public sphere, conference 'Prises de rue - Street Takes', Montréal.

2008 - Sex and the City, debate during Night of Philosophy, Felix Meritus, Amsterdam.

2008 - The Power of Words. Freedom of Speech Reconsidered, Studium Generale, University of Amsterdam.

2007 - How Cinema Genders Zest and Gloom in Urban Publicity: Perceiving the city in Sue , conference City and Countryside: Gender and the Practice of Urban Culture, Groningen.

2007 - Screening the City: Encounters between Social Theory and Art. Conference 'Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations', Tokyo.

2007 - Cultural Citizenship in a Neo-Republican Vein, conference 'Shifting Politics: Cultural Citizenship in Political Theory', Groningen.

2006 -  Freedom of Speech, introducing ‘Viva Zapatero!’ (dir. Sabina Guzzanti), AIESEC, Groningen

2006 - City Films as Gendered Public Spheres, Athena conference 'Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context', Lodz.

2005 -  Redistribution, Recognition, Representation. Solidarities in (Post)Modern Times, ConferencePhilosophy and Social Sciences’, Prague.

2004- Imagining the Gendered City. Urban Studies and Present-Day Cinema, ESA-conference 'The Art of Comparison', Erasmus University Rotterdam.

2003- Social Justice and Recognition: Critical Theory on Identity and Solidarity, conference 'Global Justice: Europe and the U.S.', University of Groningen.

2001- Isabelle de Charrière, Culture, and Empire. Geopolitical literacy at the end of the 18th century, conference 'Multiculturalism and feminism', University of Amsterdam.

2001- The film Europa (dir. Lars von Trier), USVA, Groningen.

2000- Enlightenment's Differences, Today's Identities. Politics, Culture, and Rights, and the History of European Civil Society, conference 'European States and Citizens: A Millennium of Debate', Robert Schuman Centre, Florence.

1999- Feminism, misogyny, Wollstonecraft, Ph.D course in 'Women’s History' of the Belle van Zuylen Instituut, University of Amsterdam.

1999- Public lectures on Enlightenment philosophy between modernity and postmodernity in a feminist perspective, with dr. Bas van Stokkom, Faculty of Philosophy, Groningen.

1999- Isabelle de Charrière and the republic, conference 'Dutch Republicanism: The Conceptual Approach', Huizinga Instituut, University of Amsterdam.

1998- Feminist Theory Today and the History of the Modern Polis, conference 'Cities at the Millenium', University of East London.

1997- Feminist republicanism: a political perception of gender, conference 'Les moeurs républicaines: the political culture of republicanism', of the European Science Foundation, Network 'Republicanism', Bordeaux.

1994- The citizen and the body: keeping distance according to Hannah Arendt, Faculty of Philosophy, Groningen.

1993- Chair of session on political philosophy from Ancien Régime to modernity, conference 'Rethinking Women and Gender Relations in the Modern State', ZIF, Bielefeld, Germany.


Various other public lectures, e.g. on feminist perspectives on Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Kant, Hume; political theory and gender; postmodernism; the concept of rationality; 18th century libertine literature; feminist ethics; women and fascism.


(Co-)organisation of seminars and conferences, a choice:

International conference City and Countryside: Gender and the Practice of Urban Culture, Groningen, 16-17 November 2007. (Keynote speaker: Janet Wolff)

International conference Shifting Politics: Cultural Citizenship in Political Theory, Groningen, 15-16 June 2007. (Keynote speakers: Herman van Gunsteren, Engin Isin, Bhikhu Parekh, Nick Stevenson)

International conference Global Justice: Europe and the U.S., Groningen, 2003 (Keynote speakers: Nancy Fraser, Maeve Cooke)

Symposium Citizens and Strangers, Groningen, 1994.

Seminar The Political Theory of Romanticism, Centre for Women’s Studies in Philosophy, Groningen, 1993.

Seminar Women's Kant. Between Humanism and Sexual Difference, Centre for Women’s Studies in Philosophy, Groningen, 1992. (Keynote speaker: Ursula Pia Jauch)

International conference Feminism, Critical Theory, and the Public Sphere, Groningen, 1990. (Keynote speakers: Joan Cocks, Seyla Benhabib)

International conference Rights, virtue, and morality. Feminism and the political philosophy of the Enlightenment, Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, 1990. (Keynote speakers: Ursula Vogel, Susan Mendus, Jane Rendall, Joan Landes)

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