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Practical matters How to find us dr. J.A. (Judith) Vega

dr. J.A. (Judith) Vega

Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy
dr. J.A. (Judith) Vega

Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy


Political Philosophy; Social Philosophy; Philosophy of Culture; Feminist Philosophy; History of Political Ideas

Areas of Expertise:

Cultural studies; Urban Studies; Theories of Justice; Theories of Representation; Freedom of Speech

Current Research Topics:

1) Social justice, related to 'political' and 'cultural' justice. Which relations may be formulated between redistribution, recognition, and representation as dimensions of justice? What is the place of solidarity under postmodern and globalised conditions?

See for results the list of publications (under 'Research' in the menu).

2) Cultural citizenship. Does political philosophy need this concept as a novel formulation of citizenship? What does it contribute to longstanding discussions of citizenship? Which of its conceptualisations and applications are fruitful?

This interest has resulted in an edited special issue of the journal 'Citizenship Studies', titled 'Cultural Citizenship in Political Theory' (co-edited with P. Boele van Hensbroek), 14, 3, 2010, and its book edition by Routledge, 2012.

3) The City Imagined: transformations in the cultural representation of (gendered) urban identities. This study is conducted as part of the Groningen research project 'New Media, Public Sphere and Urban Culture', funded by NWO, Programme 'Transformations in Art and Culture'.

How has art on the city articulated the experience and appropriation of urban space? Which cultural discourses and imageries of the city may be distinguished here? How do the 'new' and 'old' media compare in the way they relate to urban public space? The study focuses on the ways in which painting and film have represented and mediated different identities within public space.

See for results the list of publications (under 'Research' in the menu).

Recent organisation of Film Philosophy events:


Until May 2009, Judith Vega was editor and editor in chief of the Dutch/Flemish academic (peer reviewed) journal for genderstudies, Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies. Since, she is member of the journal's editorial council.

Recent contributions to public debate (in Dutch):

Televisiedebat: Tolerantie. VPRO-ZOZ. (19 febr 2011)

Essay: Wilders' vrijheid of vrijheid van meningsuiting? (dec 2010)  

Column: De grabbelton van Wilders (nov 2010)

Interview: Democratie, delegatie, populisme (april 2010)  

On art and politics:

Art Review: Theatrical perpetrator. On Emilio Sala, Expulsión de los judíos de España (año de 1492), 1889. Filosofie Magazine, maart 2012.

Art Essay (in Portuguese) accompanying the art exhibition Pictures from life's other side in Crato, Portugal, by artist Barbara Walraven, June - September 2011. (Essay in English)

Brief biography: Judith Anna Vega. Born in Amsterdam. Studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, specialisation (the history of) political theory, and graduated cum laude. Helped initiating women's studies courses, a.o. on women and fascism, women in postwar Netherlands, and feminist sociology. Worked several years as a student-assistant. In 1998 she received her doctorate at the University of Leiden.

Title PhD thesis: Inventing Enlightenment's Gender. The representation of modernity in dispute. Supervisor: Prof. dr. H.R. van Gunsteren, professor of political theory and philosophy of law. Second supervisor: Prof. dr. G.E. Lock. (PhD thesis available at, including POD)

Earlier, she worked as a free-lance researcher and writer (resp. for the Dutch government and the International Women's Archive), as assistant-researcher at the department of Political Theory and History of the University of Amsterdam, and as assistant-lecturer at the department of Political Science of the Free University of Amsterdam. 

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