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How to find us J.A. (Jan Andre) Koch, MSc

J.A. Koch, MSc

Ph.D. candidate

I am a behavioral researcher interested in understanding how to enable sustainable consumer behavior and how to facilitate consumer well-being through behavioral change. More specifically, I focus on the barriers toward sustainable consumption, how these can be overcome, how to change consumer behavior, and the ethical implications of doing so. The research projects of my doctoral dissertation further zoom in on how the emotion of disgust links the themes outlined above. In this line of research, I have used a multi‑method, experimental research approach utilizing lab studies, online panel research, interviews, and field studies.

Currently, I am working on projects looking into the following research questions.

Why do sustainable food alternatives such as edible insects or lab-meat elicit disgust?

How can disgust be overcome to increase the societal acceptance of sustainable food alternatives?

Would utilizing disgust appeals to decrease the consumption of meat work? 

Does utilizing disgust lead to the stigmatization of the target group?

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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands