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How to find us J.A. (Juan) Del Valle Rojas, MA

J.A. Del Valle Rojas, MA

PhD student
J.A. Del Valle Rojas, MA

My PhD thesis aims to critically analyse and discuss the repressive cultural rhetorics of ‘media manipulation’ and ‘political-military authoritarianism’ represented in two specific plays as part of the avant-garde and anticipatory theatre developed by the Spanish-Chilean playwright José Ricardo Morales. This study will particularly use the plays Cómo el poder de las noticias nos da noticias del poder (1971) and Los culpables (1964) as case studies to examine and discuss the repressive cultural rhetorics related to the Chilean contexts of the 1960s and the 1970s, which will, in turn, shed light on the better understanding of the current social conflicts in Chile, such as the Mapuche-Chilean intercultural conflict and the 2019-2020 social protests. In addition, this study includes empirical research, which focuses on the analysis and revision of the Chilean secondary education curriculum along with the personal opinions of secondary teachers of the courses of Language and Communication and History, Geography and Social Sciences about the implementation of Morales’ plays in their interdisciplinary classes. These discussions confirm that the lecture of Morales’ plays are valuable for the implementation of interdisciplinary classes in educational contexts, as it encourages the Chilean secondary students’ critical thinking and academic writing.

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