prof. dr. I.R. (Ido) Pen



Research units:

  1. Data from: Reproduction and dispersal in an ant-associated root aphid community

    Ivens, A. (Creator), Kronauer, D. J. C. (Creator), Pen, I. (Creator), Weissing, F. (Creator), Boomsma, J. J. (Creator), University of Groningen, 8-Jun-2012


  2. Data from: Ecological forensics: Using single point stable isotope values to infer seasonal schedules of animals after two diet switches

    Jouta, J. (Creator), Dietz, M. (Creator), Reneerkens, J. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Rakhimberdiev, E. (Creator), Hallgrimsson, G. (Creator), Pen, I. (Creator), University of Groningen, 8-Nov-2016


ID: 126769