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Development and characterization of an all-in-one gamma probe with auto-peak detection for sentinel lymph node biopsy based on NEMA NU3-2004 standard

A new deep convolutional neural network design with efficient learning capability: Application to CT image synthesis from MRI

A theranostic approach based on radiolabeled antiviral drugs, antibodies and CRISPR-associated proteins for early detection and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 disease

Advances in Preclinical PET Instrumentation

Age-dependent dose calculations for common PET radionuclides and brain radiotracers in nonhuman primate computational models

Assessment of uncertainties associated with Monte Carlo-based personalized dosimetry in clinical CT examinations

Cardiac SPECT radiomic features repeatability and reproducibility: A multi-scanner phantom study

Deep learning-guided estimation of attenuation correction factors from time-of-flight PET emission data

Deep learning-guided joint attenuation and scatter correction in multitracer neuroimaging studies

Deep-JASC: joint attenuation and scatter correction in whole-body F-18-FDG PET using a deep residual network

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