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Access to cancer medicines in public hospitals in Mexico: The view of stakeholders

Availability, prices, and affordability of selected essential cancer medicines in a middle-income country - the case of Mexico

WHO guide to good prescribing is 25 years old: quo vadis?

Access to essential medicines in 195 countries: A human rights approach to sustainable development

Legislating for universal access to medicines: a rights-based cross-national comparison of UHC laws in 16 countries

The Impact of Price Negotiations on Public Procurement Prices and Access to 8 Innovative Cancer Medicines in a Middle-Income Country-The Case of Mexico

The importance of insulin donations for children in 43 low- and middle-income countries

The right to health as the basis for universal health coverage: A cross-national analysis of national medicines policies of 71 countries

A global accountability mechanism for access to essential medicines

A review of promoting access to medicines in China - problems and recommendations

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Een derde prik, is dat ethisch? ‘De discussie toont aan hoe oneerlijk we zijn geweest’

Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat het coronavaccin eerlijk wordt verdeeld? - NOS Met het Oog op Morgen