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H.S. Schoppen, MSc

At the moment he is working towards his PhD at the University of Groningen (Behavioural and Social Sciences) researching Sustainable Brand Trust. He is initiator of - Social Neuroscience for a Sustainable Future, an online researchplatform, providing mobile cross-platform tools for neuroscientific, psychological, sociological, organisational and economical research.
His research aims to determine whether a sustainable pro-social positioning leads to durable behavior change, increased value perception, and feelings of trust by consumers and users, and how a sustainable pro-social strategy contributes to the organizational appreciation by stakeholders.

H.S. (Erik) Schoppen (1968) received his masters in the Advanced Studies in New Media at the Hanze University Groningen in 1997. In 2003 he started brand consultancy agency Miazo. He is co-author of the book Strategic Brand Management (4th BNL Edition), widely-used and accepted in both the education and the business world, and author of his forthcoming book Build Bridge Bond - Building Sustainable Brand Trust and Leadership. He lectures Neurosciences, Psychology, UX/UCD and Brand & Design Management at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and University of Groningen. As a lecturer, consultant and speaker he built up a reputation for his strong performances, inspiring people and organizations with his clear vision of a sustainable future economy.

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