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A formal analysis of some factor- and precedent-based accounts of precedential constraint

Can predictive justice improve the predictability and consistency of judicial decision-making?

Logical Models of Legal Argumentation

On the relevance of algorithmic decision predictors for judicial decision making

A new use case for argumentation support tools: supporting discussions of Bayesian analyses of complex criminal cases

A Research Agenda for Hybrid Intelligence: Augmenting Human Intellect With Collaborative, Adaptive, Responsible, and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

A top-level model of case-based argumentation for explanation

An Argumentation‐Based Analysis of the Simonshaven Case

De Juridische Voorspelindustrie: onzinnige hype of nuttige ontwikkeling?

Editors' Review and Introduction: Models of Rational Proof in Criminal Law

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Computer legt het in een debat (nog) af tegen de mens

Een computer kan nog lang geen echte juridische en sociale afwegingen maken