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A synthetic peptide as an allosteric inhibitor of human arginase I and II

Effects of (a Combination of) the Beta2-Adrenoceptor Agonist Indacaterol and the Muscarinic Receptor Antagonist Glycopyrrolate on Intrapulmonary Airway Constriction

Mapping arginase expression with 18F-fluorinated late-generation arginase inhibitors derived from quaternary α-amino acids

Back to the future: re-establishing guinea pig in vivo asthma models

Disruption of AKAP-PKA Interaction Induces Hypercontractility With Concomitant Increase in Proliferation Markers in Human Airway Smooth Muscle

Pharmacological screening identifies SHK242 and SHK277 as novel arginase inhibitors with efficacy against allergen-induced airway narrowing in vitro and in vivo

Reply to: Arginase inhibitors

Laminin α4 contributes to airway remodeling and inflammation in asthma

Second M-3 muscarinic receptor binding site contributes to bronchoprotection by tiotropium

Small airway hyperresponsiveness in COPD: Relationship between structure and function in lung slices

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