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Back to the future: re-establishing guinea pig in vivo asthma models

Disruption of AKAP-PKA Interaction Induces Hypercontractility With Concomitant Increase in Proliferation Markers in Human Airway Smooth Muscle

Pharmacological screening identifies SHK242 and SHK277 as novel arginase inhibitors with efficacy against allergen-induced airway narrowing in vitro and in vivo

Reply to: Arginase inhibitors

Laminin α4 contributes to airway remodeling and inflammation in asthma

Second M-3 muscarinic receptor binding site contributes to bronchoprotection by tiotropium

Small airway hyperresponsiveness in COPD: Relationship between structure and function in lung slices

Delivery system for budesonide based on lipid-DNA

Exploring the in vitro and ex vivo efficacy of novel arginase inhibitors for the treatment of allergic asthma

Targeting arginase and nitric oxide metabolism in chronic airway diseases and their co-morbidities

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