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Practical matters How to find us dr. H.J. (Holmer) Kok, PhD

dr. H.J. (Holmer) Kok, PhD

PhD candidate
dr. H.J. (Holmer) Kok, PhD

PhD project: Exploring knowledge recombination inside and outside organizations (working title)

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dries Faems (1st) and Dr. Pedro de Faria (2nd)

In this PhD project, our aim is to generate unique insights into the process of knowledge recombination and its principal constituents. Our empirical analysis will be carried out in the fuel cell industry and will rely on (i) patent data, (ii) consolidated firm data, (iii) strategic alliance data, and (iv) data on government-funded projects. In this project, we will conduct three interrelated studies on the subprocesses that constitute the knowledge recombination process:

(i) How does the time of inactivity of components influence their usefulness?

(ii) Can firms learn how to recombine components from R&D alliance partners?

(iii) How does the composition of collaborative R&D projects influence their performance?

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