prof. dr. G. Voerman

Professor of Development and functioning of the Dutch and European party system

prof. dr. G. Voerman


Postal address:
United Kingdom
  1. MAPP Dataset

    van Haute, E. (Creator), Paulis, E. (Creator), Baras, M. (Data Collector), Barberà, O. (Data Collector), Barrio, A. (Data Collector), Bennie, L. (Data Collector), Bolin, N. (Data Collector), Christophorou, C. (Data Collector), Correa, P. (Data Collector), Cross, W. (Data Collector), Delwit, P. (Data Collector), Ennser-Jedenastik, L. (Data Collector), Enyedi, Z. (Data Collector), Espirito Santo, P. (Data Collector), Gauja, A. (Data Collector), Heidar, K. (Data Collector), van Holsteyn, J. (Data Collector), Ikstens, J. (Data Collector), Indridason, I. (Data Collector), Ionascu, A. (Data Collector), Jastramskis, M. (Data Collector), Jupskas, A. R. (Data Collector), Kenig, O. (Data Collector), Kocijan, B. (Data Collector), Koole, R. (Data Collector), Kosiara-Pedersen, K. (Creator), Krasovec, A. (Creator), Ladner, A. (Data Collector), Linek, L. (Data Collector), Paczesniak, A. (Data Collector), Pettai, V. (Data Collector), Rahat, G. (Data Collector), Ribeiro, P. F. (Data Collector), den Ridder, J. (Data Collector), Rodriguez Teruel, J. (Data Collector), Sandri, G. (Data Collector), Sierens, V. (Data Collector), Soare, S. (Data Collector), Spier, T. (Data Collector), Voerman, G. (Data Collector), Weeks, L. (Data Collector), Westinen, J. (Data Collector) & Zemanik, M. (Data Collector), University of Groningen, 30-Aug-2016


ID: 160387