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A possible physiological mechanism of rectocele formation in women

Comparison of anal function and quality of life after conformal sphincter preservation operation and intersphincteric resection of very low rectal cancer: a multicenter, retrospective, case-control analysis

Comparison of functional and oncological outcome of conformal sphincter preservation operation, low anterior resection, and abdominoperineal resection in very low rectal cancer: a retrospective comparative cohort study with propensity score matching

Novel insights into physiological mechanisms underlying fecal continence

Towards an understanding of defecation disorders: pathophysiology, epidemiology, and clinical implications

Validation of the Chinese DeFeC questionnaire: a comprehensive screening tool for symptoms and causes of constipation and incontinence

Evaluation of the learning curve for conformal sphincter preservation operation in the treatment of ultralow rectal cancer

High anal canal pressure and rectal washouts contribute to the decrease of anal basal pressure after botulinum toxin injections in paediatric patients with chronic constipation

Measurement of distal intramural spread and the optimal distal resection by naked eyes after neoadjuvant radiation for rectal cancers

Endoscopic closure of a postoperative rectal anastomotic leakage with hemoclips: a case report

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