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prof. dr. G. Sierksma

prof. dr. G. Sierksma

Gerard Sierksma studied mathematics, physics, and astronomy at the University of Groningen, where he also obtained his PhD-degree in mathematics (1976). Since then his attention is shifted towards practical applications of mathematical techniques, especially to logistics. During the last years he specialized in the design of decision support computer systems for industry and (top)sports. 

Current positions

Since 2000,  full professor of Quantitative Logistics at the Faculty of Economics and Business, and since 2010 honorary professor. R&D advisor ORTEC/Sports. In 2008 elected as Vice Chairperson of INFORMS on SpORts. Research fellow of the SOM Research School, and fellow of the Canadian Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications.

Teaching experience

General mathematics, matrix analysis, graph theory, convex analysis, combinatorial optimization, (advanced) linear and integer programming, stochastic models, mathematical model building, quantitative logistics, supply chain management, statistics and elite sports.

Research interest

Sport logistics,  linear and integer optimization, combinatorial optimization, applications of operations research, quantitative logistics, history of mathematics, combinatorial convexity, graph theory.


Solvable Cases of the Traveling Salesman Problem with Various Objective Functions, 1988-1992 (co-supervisors: W.K. Klein Haneveld, R.E. Burkard), 1988-1992, J.A.A. van der Veen;

Special Cases of the Traveling Salesman Problem, 1988-1992 (co-supervisors: W.K.Klein Haneveld, M.M. Syslo, V.G. Deineko), I.C. van Dal;

Scheduling Packaging Lines in the Process Industry, 1990-1995 (co-supervisor: G.J.C. Gaalman), J.P. van Dam;

Sensitivity Analysis and the Traveling Salesman Problem, 1993-1997, (co-supervisors: C. Schweigman, M. Libura, J.A.A. van der Veen), E.S. van der Poort;

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Linear Optimization, Linear Programming with Applications, 1993-2000 (co-supervisor: W.K. Klein Haneveld), G.A. Tijssen;

Flexible Design Support System Design (co-supervisors: G.J.C. Gaalman, and R.J.J.M. Jorna), 1996-2003, H.L.T. Wanders;

Data Correcting Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization (co-supervisor: D. Ghosh), 2000-2002, B. Goldengorin;

Advanced Analysis of Branch and Bound Algorithms, 2002-2007, M. Turkensteen;

The Logistic Design of the LOFAR Radio Telescope (co-supervisors: H.R. Butcher, D. Ghosh), 2003-2009, L. Schakel. Rreceived: INFORMS George Dantzig Award 2010: Honorary Mention;

Performance Analysis in Elite Sports (co-promotor: R.H. Teunter), 2013, B.H. Talsma.



      Top 40 Dutch Economists 2003: ranking 39;

      TOP 40 Dutch Economists 2004: ranking 28;

      Teacher of the Year Award 2004-05.

For applications of mathematics and logistics in sports, see

     www. ORTEC/

Major sport achievements:

     11-City Speed Skating Race: 1985, 1986, 1997;

     Winter Triathlon Assen, Dutch Championships 60+: 2005 (Silver medal), 2006 (Bronze medal);

     La Marmotte: 2008 (Brevet d'Argent);

     Alternative 11-City Speed Skating Race Weissensee: 2011


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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands

Duisenberg Building