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How to find us G. (Guillermo) Monreal Santiago, PhD


Stoichiometry alone can steer supramolecular systems on complex free energy surfaces with high selectivity

Caught in the Act: Mechanistic Insight into Supramolecular Polymerization-Driven Self-Replication from Real-Time Visualization

Emergence of light-driven protometabolism on recruitment of a photocatalytic cofactor by a self-replicator

Steps towards de-novo life: compartmentalization and feedback mechanisms in synthetic self-replicating systems

Cross-Catalysis between Self-Replicators of Different Handedness

Emergence of Compartments Formed from Unconventional Surfactants in Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries

Redox Control over Acyl Hydrazone Photoswitches

Self-Assembly Can Direct Dynamic Covalent Bond Formation Towards Diversity or Specificity

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