prof. dr. G. (Giovanni) Maglia, PhD


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Gebouw 5172, ruimte 0830
9747 AG
Phone: +31 50 363 6138
  1. 2020
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  4. 2019
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  6. 2018
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  8. 2017
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  12. 2016
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  14. 2015
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  16. 2014
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  18. 2013
  19. 2012
  20. 2011
  21. 2010
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  25. 2009
  26. Maglia, G., Henricus, M., Wyss, R., Li, QH., Cheley, S., & Bayley, H. (2009). DNA Strands from Denatured Duplexes are Translocated through Engineered Protein Nanopores at Alkaline pH. Nano Letters, 9(11), 3831-3836.
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