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Host microbiota dictates the proinflammatory impact of LPS in the murine liver

Targeted imaging of integrins in cancer tissues using photocleavable Ru(ii) polypyridine complexes as mass-tags

Development of a Novel Ex-vivo 3D Model to Screen Amoebicidal Activity on Infected Tissue

Ex vivo toxicological evaluation of experimental anticancer gold(i) complexes with lansoprazole-type ligands

Imaging of protein distribution in tissues using mass spectrometry: An interdisciplinary challenge

Alterations in gene expression in vitamin D-deficiency: Down regulation of liver Cyp7a1 and renal Oat3 in mice

Bioconjugation of Supramolecular Metallacages to Integrin Ligands for Targeted Delivery of Cisplatin

Challenges on the road to a multicellular bioartificial liver

Cleavable crosslinkers as tissue fixation reagents for proteomic analysis

Corrigendum to ’Development of a mechanistic biokinetic model for hepatic bile acid handling to predict possible cholestatic effects of drugs’ [European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 115 (2018) 175-184] (S0928098718300071) (10.1016/j.ejps.2018.01.007))

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