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CT characteristics of solid pulmonary nodules of never smokers versus smokers: A population-based study

Evaluation of spirometry-gated computed tomography to measure lung volumes in emphysema patients

Pre-screening to guide coronary artery calcium scoring for early identification of high-risk individuals in the general population

Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Coronary Calcification in a Middle-aged Dutch Population: The ImaLife Study

Focal pericoronary adipose tissue attenuation is related to plaque presence, plaque type, and stenosis severity in coronary CTA

High-pitch dual-source CT for coronary artery calcium scoring: A head-to-head comparison of non-triggered chest versus triggered cardiac acquisition

Improved precision of noise estimation in CT with a volume-based approach

Seasonal prevalence and characteristics of low-dose CT detected lung nodules in a general Dutch population

Ultra-low-dose CT combined with noise reduction techniques for quantification of emphysema in COPD patients: An intra-individual comparison study with standard-dose CT

Assessment of Dynamic Change of Coronary Artery Geometry and Its Relationship to Coronary Artery Disease, Based on Coronary CT Angiography

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