prof. dr. G.J. (Gerjan) Navis


prof. dr. G.J. (Gerjan) Navis


  1. 2019
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  3. Rampanelli, E., Ochodnicky, P., Vissers, J. P. C., Butter, L. M., Claessen, N., Calcagni, A., ... Leemans, J. C. (2018). Excessive dietary lipid intake provokes an acquired form of lysosomal lipid storage disease in the kidney. JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 246(4), 470-484.
  4. Henao Agudelo, J. S., Baia, L. C., Ormanji, M. S., Santos, A. R. P., Machado, J. R., Saraiva Câmara, N. O., ... Heilberg, I. P. (2018). Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Inflammation but Does Not Restore Renal Function and Klotho Expression in an Adenine-Induced CKD Model. Nutrients, 10(9), [1283].
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