prof. dr. G.H.M. (Marieke) Pijnenborg

Associate Professor

prof. dr. G.H.M. (Marieke) Pijnenborg


Postal address:
United Kingdom
  1. 2020
  2. Pharmacotherapy Monitoring, Chen, J., Patil, K. R., Weis, S., Sim, K., Nickl-Jockschat, T., Zhou, J., Aleman, A., Sommer, I. E., Liemburg, E. J., Hoffstaedter, F., Habel, U., Derntl, B., Liu, X., Fischer, J. M., Kogler, L., Regenbogen, C., Diwadkar, V. A., Stanley, J. A., ... Jorg, F. (2020). Neurobiological Divergence of the Positive and Negative Schizophrenia Subtypes Identified on a New Factor Structure of Psychopathology Using Non-negative Factorization: An International Machine Learning Study. Biological Psychiatry, 87(3), 282-293.
  3. 2019
  4. Malda, A., Boonstra, N., Barf, H., de Jong, S., Aleman, A., Addington, J., Pruessner, M., Nieman, D., de Haan, L., Morrison, A., Riecher-Roessler, A., Studerus, E., Ruhrmann, S., Schultze-Lutter, F., An, S. K., Koike, S., Kasai, K., Nelson, B., McGorry, P., ... Pijnenborg, G. H. M. (2019). Individualized Prediction of Transition to Psychosis in 1,676 Individuals at Clinical High Risk: Development and Validation of a Multivariable Prediction Model Based on Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10, [345].
  5. Nijman, S. A., Veling, W., Greaves-Lord, K., Vos, M., Zandee, C. E. R., Rot, aan het, M., Geraets, C. N. W., & Pijnenborg, G. M. (2019). DiSCoVR: A pilot study of social cognition training in virtual reality. Poster session presented at Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry, New York City, United States.
  6. 2018
  7. Swildens, W. E., Visser, E., Bahler, M., Bruggeman, R., Delespaul, P., van der Gaag, M., de Haan, L., Keet, R., Nijssen, Y., van Os, J., Pijnenborg, G. M., Slooff, C., de Vos, A., van Weeghel, J., Wunderink, L., Mulder, C. L., & Wiersma, D. (2018). Functional Recovery of Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses: Development and Testing of a New Short Instrument for Routine Outcome Monitoring. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 41(4), 341-350.
  8. Steenhuis, L., Pijnenborg, G. M., van der Stouwe, E., Hartman, C., Aleman, A., Velthuis, A., & Nauta, M. (2018). The longitudinal association between preadolescent facial emotion identification and family factors, and psychotic experiences in adolescence: (The TRAILS study). Poster session presented at Annual Convention of the ABCT (American Association Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies), Washington D.C., United States.
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