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Dead or Murdered? Predicting Responsibility Perception in Femicide News Reports

Responsibility Framing under the Magnifying Lens of NLP: The Case of Gender-based Violence and Traffic Danger

SocioFillmore: A Tool for Discovering Perspectives

Breeding Fillmore’s Chickens and Hatching the Eggs: Recombining Frames and Roles in Frame-Semantic Parsing

Frame Semantics for Social NLP in Italian: Analyzing Responsibility Framing in Femicide News Reports

Improving DRS Parsing with Separately Predicted Semantic Roles

Kicktionary-LOME: A Domain-Specific Multilingual Frame Semantic Parsing Model for Football Language

Numeri in arrivo anziché uomini e donne in partenza: Come i frame ci rendono inconsapevolmente ingiusti

Framing, betekenis en pragmatiek

Large-scale Cross-lingual Language Resources for Referencing and Framing

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