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How to find us prof. dr. ir. G.E.W. (Gerrit) Bauer


Magnetic order of Dy3+ and Fe3+ moments in antiferromagnetic DyFeO3 probed by spin Hall magnetoresistance and spin Seebeck effect

Circulating cavity magnon polaritons

Resources of nonlinear cavity magnonics for quantum information

Voltage- and temperature-dependent rare-earth dopant contribution to the interfacial magnetic anisotropy

Excitation of unidirectional exchange spin waves by a nanoscale magnetic grating

Semiquantum thermodynamics of complex ferrimagnets

Special issue on spin caloritronics Preface

Spin transport in insulators without exchange stiffness

Topologically nontrivial magnonic solitons

Gate-controlled magnetoresistance of a paramagnetic insulator|platinum interface

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