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Anticipating manic and depressive shifts in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

Ecological momentary assessment as a clinical tool in psychiatry: promises, pitfalls, and possibilities

Prospective early warning signals to detect transitions to manic and depressive episodes in bipolar disorder

Recommendations for the use of long-term experience sampling in bipolar disorder care: a qualitative study of patient and clinician experiences

De netwerkbenadering bij depressie: Veel noten op de zang of heilige graal?

Insights of Patients and Clinicians on the Promise of the Experience Sampling Method for Psychiatric Care

Cross-sectional networks of depressive symptoms before and after antidepressant medication treatment

Exploring the emotional dynamics of subclinically depressed individuals with and without anhedonia: An experience sampling study

Can We Jump from Cross-Sectional to Dynamic Interpretations of Networks? Implications for the Network Perspective in Psychiatry

Experience sampling and ecological momentary assessment studies in psychopharmacology: A systematic review

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Comment on Pavlova and Uher (2020)