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Mesothelin/CD3 half-life extended bispecific T-cell engager molecule shows specific tumor uptake and distributes to mesothelin and CD3 expressing tissues

Molecular imaging of immunotherapy biodistribution and the tumor immune environment

Development and evaluation of interleukin-2 derived radiotracers for PET imaging of T-cells in mice

Fluorescent image-guided surgery in breast cancer by intravenous application of a quenched fluorescence activity-based probe for cysteine cathepsins in a syngeneic mouse model

PET imaging shows dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of a 89Zr-labeled mesothelin/CD3 half-life extended bispecific T-cell engager molecule in a syngeneic mouse model

The Biodistribution of a CD3 and EpCAM Bispecific T-Cell Engager Is Driven by the CD3 Arm

A review of bispecific antibodies and antibody constructs in oncology and clinical challenges

[Ga-68]Ga-NODAGA-Il2 for imaging activated T-cells

Zr-89-labeled Bispecific T-cell Engager AMG 211 PET Shows AMG 211 Accumulation in CD3-rich Tissues and Clear, Heterogeneous Tumor Uptake

[18F]AlF-RESCA-IL2 for imaging activated T-cells

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