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Maleimide Self-Reaction in Furan/Maleimide-Based Reversibly Crosslinked Polyketones: Processing Limitation or Potential Advantage?

Thermally Switchable Electrically Conductive Thermoset rGO/PK Self-Healing Composites

Diels-Alder-based thermo-reversibly crosslinked polymers: Interplay of crosslinking density, network mobility, kinetics and stereoisomerism

Electrically Self-Healing Thermoset MWCNTs Composites Based on Diels-Alder and Hydrogen Bonds

On the comparison between diafiltration and isothermal titration calorimetry: Determination of the amount of analytes bound to water-soluble polymers

On the effect of crosslinking density over the self-healing kinetics of Diels-Alder-based thermoset polymers: Differential scanning calorimetry study

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