drs. F.M. (Franka) van den Hende

Academic Expert and Researcher in Internationalization of Education

drs. F.M. (Franka) van den Hende
f.m.van.den.hende rug.nl


  1. 2015
  2. Haines, K., van den Hende, F., & Bos, N. (2015). From Training Initiative to Fully-Fledged Innovative International Programme: A Story of Staff and Student Cooperation at the University of Groningen’s Medical School. In W. Green, & C. Whitsed (Eds.), Critical Perspectives on Internationalising the Curriculum in Disciplines: Reflective Narrative Accounts from Business, Education and Health (Vol. 32, pp. 159). (Global Perspectives on Higher Education). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  3. 1996
  4. van den Hende, F. M. (1996). De betekenis van gender in de receptie en interpretatie van een Postbus 51-spotje. In G. Lycklema à Nijeholt, & S. van Bommel (Eds.), Mannentaal is de norm, is vrouwentaal beter? (pp. 71 - 75)

ID: 83185