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An orchestra in need of a conductor: challenges and opportunities in multi-infusion therapy

Increasing metformin concentrations and its excretion in both rat and porcine ex vivo normothermic kidney perfusion model

Quantitative assessment of required separator fluid volume in multi-infusion settings

Temporal artery temperature measurements versus bladder temperature in critically ill patients, a prospective observational study

Towards more efficient use of intravenous lumens in multi-infusion settings: development and evaluation of a multiplex infusion scheduling algorithm

System for providing multiple infusions to a patient

Use of infrared thermography in the detection of superficial phlebitis in adult intensive care unit patients: A prospective single-center observational study

Improved usability of a multi-infusion setup using a centralized control interface: A task-based usability test

Separator fluid volume requirements in multi-infusion settings

Improved usability of a multi-infusion setup using a central control display

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