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Affective variability in depression: Revisiting the inertia-instability paradox

Functioning before and after a major depressive episode: Pre-existing vulnerability or scar? A prospective three-wave population-based study

Preserving subjective wellbeing in the face of psychopathology: Buffering effects of personal strengths and resources

HowNutsAreTheDutch (HoeGekIsNL): A crowdsourcing study of mental symptoms and strengths

Exploring temporal relationships among worrying, anxiety, and somatic symptoms

Longitudinal bidirectional associations between internalizing mental disorders and cardiometabolic disorders in the general adult population

Seasonality of mood and affect in a large general population sample

Single-Subject Research in Psychiatry: Facts and Fictions

Subtyping psychological distress in the population: a semi-parametric network approach

The temporal order of fluctuations in atopic disease symptoms and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms: A time-series study in ADHD patients

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Wie dit leest is (niet) gek

Artikel in Psychologie Magazine

What we learned in 2018: The individual patient get's more attention

This diary study just happened to be taking place when disaster struck, providing a rare insight into vicarious experience of traumatic events

Kun je jezelf 'gek' maken?

Somberen omdat de ander zo negatief kijkt

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