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How to find us E.R.H. (Ellie) van Setten, MSc


Computer-supported early literacy intervention effects in preschool and kindergarten: A meta-analysis

Neurolinguistic profiles of advanced readers with developmental dyslexia

N1 lateralization and dyslexia: An event-related potential study in children with a familial risk of dyslexia

The interplay of socio-economic status represented by paternal educational level, white matter structure and reading

Predictors for grade 6 reading in children at familial risk of dyslexia

L1 and L2 reading skills in Dutch adolescents with a familial risk of dyslexia

Dichotic listening as an index of lateralization of speech perception in familial risk children with and without dyslexia

Print-Tuning Lateralization and Handedness: An Event-Related Potential Study in Dyslexic Higher Education Students

The Role of Categorical Speech Perception and Phonological Processing in Familial Risk Children With and Without Dyslexia

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