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Intercultural group work in higher education: Costs and benefits from an expectancy-value theory perspective

Workforce diversity in Kenyan public universities: an analysis of workforce representativeness and heterogeneity by employee gender and ethnic group

Beyond grades: developing knowledge sharing in learning communities as a graduate attribute

Academic self-efficacy, growth mindsets, and university students' integration in academic and social support networks

A systematic review of factors related to first-year students’ success in Dutch and Flemish higher education

Emergent achievement segregation in Freshmen Learning Community networks

Factors that contribute to secondary school students’ self-efficacy in being a successful university student

“Our job is to deliver a good secondary school student, not a good university student.” Secondary school teachers’ beliefs and practices regarding university preparation

First-year university students’ academic success: The importance of academic adjustment

Students’ perspective on the benefits of EFL literature education

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