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How to find us E. (Emiliano) Méndez Salinas

E. Méndez Salinas

PhD Student
E. Méndez Salinas

Eco-etho-evolutionary feedbacks in spatial models of movement strategies

Movements performed by animals are an important topic within evolutionary biology. Modern technology has opened the door for a more thorough study of moving strategies and for a trend from strongly mathematical towards mechanistic models that explicitly incorporate important biological interactions among moving organisms and their environment. In this project proposal, I describe an individual based theoretical model to study the interrelationships between ecological, behavioural and evolutionary factors acting simultaneously. It includes a genetic algorithm where individuals make movement decisions, which in turn modify their environment and are expected to create eco-etho-evolutionary feedbacks. Movement strategies would be based either on a common known distribution function or artificial neural networks, and different modes of feedback will be investigated. Cognitive faculties such as memory and learning will be added to the individuals in an advanced state of the project. It is expected that such a model will provide novel insight on the coevolution of animal behaviour, namely movement, environment dynamics and cognitive capacities.

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