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Habitat-overstijgende interacties in het Waddengebied

The interactive role of predation, competition and habitat conditions in structuring an intertidal bivalve population

Foundation species enhance food web complexity through non-trophic facilitation

Copper treatment during storage reduces Phytophthora and Halophytophthora infection of Zostera marina seeds used for restoration

Facilitation by ecosystem engineers enhances nutrient effects in an intertidal system

How habitat-modifying organisms structure the food web of two coastal ecosystems

Effects of antagonistic ecosystem engineers on macrofauna communities in a patchy, intertidal mudflat landscape

Habitat modification drives benthic trophic diversity in an intertidal soft-bottom ecosystem

Multi-scale habitat modification by coexisting ecosystem engineers drives spatial separation of macrobenthic functional groups

Processes limiting mussel bed restoration in the Wadden-Sea

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