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Curriculum Vitae

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PhD student

Marine Ecology (NIOZ)

Animal Ecology (RuG)


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Intertidal Ecology

Ecosystem engineers in intertidal soft sediment systems

Trophic relations

Predator-prey interactions




Els van der Zee

Place of Birth: Leek, The Netherlands

Date of birth: 20-08-1983




Master of Science. Behavioural Sciences and Marine biology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.


Bachelor of Science. Biology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.


Employment record


PhD student at NIOZ/RuG: (ZKO/NWO project: A regime shift of benthic organisms in the Wadden Sea: causes and consequences for higher trophic levels)



Education assistant, University of Groningen.  Life Science & Technology.



Van der Heide T, Eklöf JS, van Nes EH, van der Zee EM, Donadi S, et al. (2012) Ecosystem Engineering by Seagrasses Interacts with Grazing to Shape an Intertidal Landscape. PLoS ONE 7(8): e42060.


Van der Zee EM, Van der Heide T, Donadi S, Eklof JS, Eriksson BK, Olff H, Van der Veer HW, Piersma T. (2012). Spatially extended habitat modification by intertidal reef-building bivalves has implications for consumer resource interactions. Ecosystems 15: 664–673.


Eklöf J. S., van der Heide T., Donadi S., van der Zee E. M., O’Hara R., Eriksson B.K. 2011. Habitat-mediated facilitation and counteracting ecosystem engineering interactively influence ecosystem responses to risturbance. PLoS ONE 6: e23229.


Van der Heide T., van der Zee E., Donadi S., Eklof J. S., Eriksson B.K., Olff H., Piersma T. and van der Heide W. 2011. A simple and low-cost method to estimate spatial positions of shorebirds: the Telescope-Mounted Angulator. Journal of Field Ornithology 82(1):80–87


Dingemanse N. J., Van der Plas F., Wright J., Réale D., Schrama M., RoffD. A., Van der Zee E.M. and Barber I. 2009. Individual experience and evolutionary history of predation affect the expression of heritable variation in fish personality and morphology in Stickleback. Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences.


Dijkstra P.D., Van der Zee E.M. and Groothuis A.G.G. 2008. Territory quality affects female preference in a Lake Victoria cichlid fish. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.


Lengkeek W., Didderen K., Côté I. M., Van der Zee E. M., Snoek R. C. and Reynolds J. D. 2008. Plasticity in sexual size dimorphism and Rensch’s rule in fish. Canadian Journal of Zoology.


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