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Development and evaluation of interleukin-2 derived radiotracers for PET imaging of T-cells in mice

Molecular Imaging of PD-L1 Expression and Dynamics with the Adnectin-Based PET Tracer F-18-BMS-986192

PET/CT Imaging of Zr-89-N-sucDf-Pembrolizumab in Healthy Cynomolgus Monkeys

Radiopharmaceuticals for translational imaging studies in the field of cancer immunotherapy

Zr-89-pembrolizumab biodistribution is influenced by PD-1-mediated uptake in lymphoid organs

Clinical-grade N-(4-[18F]fluorobenzoyl)-interleukin-2 for PET imaging of activated T-cells in humans

[Ga-68]Ga-NODAGA-Il2 for imaging activated T-cells

[18F]AlF-RESCA-IL2 for imaging activated T-cells

Development and evaluation of a new Interleukin-2 PET radioligand [F-18]AlF-RESCA-IL2: comparison with [F-18]FB-IL2

Molecular imaging to enlighten cancer immunotherapies and underlying involved processes

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