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How to find us E.I.G. (Elisabetta) Costa, PhD


Digitizing Desires: Immobile Mobility and Social Media in Southeast Turkey

Experiencing Homeland: Social Media and Transnational Communication Among Kurdish Migrants in Northern Italy

Please Like Me: Social Media, Reputation and Shame in Southeast Turkey

Being at home on social media: Online place-making among the Kurds in Turkey and rural migrants in China.

Contemporary Comparative Anthropology – The Why We Post Project

Location as conspicuous consumption: The making of modern women and consumer culture in southeast Turkey

Affordances-in-practice: an ethnographic critique of social media logic and context collapse

The digital turn: New directions in media anthropology

Why We Post - A team approach to research dissemination

Social Media as Practices: an Ethnographic Critique of 'Affordances' and 'Context Collapse'

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