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How to find us E.I. (Els) Brilman

E.I. (Els) Brilman

Student advisor (for more information see
E.I. (Els) Brilman
+31 50 36 38900 (Student Support Desk)


Psychosocial and vascular risk factors of depression in later life

Depression in later life: three etiologically different subgroups

Functional disability and neuroticism as predictors of late-life depression

Life events, difficulties and onset of depressive episodes in later life

The interplay and etiological continuity of neuroticism, difficulties, and life events in the etiology of major and subsyndromal, first and recurrent depressive episodes in later life

Correlates of symptomatic, minor and major depression in the elderly

Morbidity and quality of life and the moderating effects of level of education in the elderly

Functioning, well-being, and health perception in late middle-aged and older people: Comparing the effects of depressive symptoms and chronic medical conditions

Groningen Longitudinal Aging Study; een onderzoek naar het dagelijks functioneren, het welbevinden en de zorgbehoefte van ouderen

Adaptive responses among Dutch elderly: The impact of eight chronic medical conditions on health-related quality of life

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