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Practical matters How to find us E.G. (Isabel) Sieders, MSc

E.G. (Isabel) Sieders, MSc

PhD student

Phospholipases are versatile enzymes responsible for metabolizing phospholipids, which are amongst other things part of the cellular membrane and cellular signaling. There are different classes of phospholipases (PLA1, PLA2, PLB, PLC, PLD) which show selectivity towards different types of phospholipid substrates and have diverse biological functions. In order to gain fundamental knowledge about the functioning of these phospholipases in health and disease, a set of phospholipase probes will be developed. The development of these probes consists of probe design (mainly based on known inhibitors or natural substrates), organic synthesis and biological evaluation. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a set of tools which can be used to visualize and evaluate the functioning of different phospholipase subtypes on a cellular and subcellular level.  

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