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My research project focusses on practice that contribute to knowledge exchange between university researchers and companies in the natural sciences. As a result the availabiltiy of funding and funding policies universities are forced to collaborate with societal stakeholders in their research. Collaborations in which (a part of) the research is funded by industrial stakeholder is a specific kind example. My research focusses on three subjects:

1) how do industrial partners in these collaboration monitor the progress of the research? In the sense of. gathering information and engaging in quality control to ensure that their money is well spend.

2) What happens with the data and knowledge university researchers receive? How do they keep the industrial partner happy by intergrating such knowledge and at the same time manage to publish in high level research journals?

3) How do the partners in the collaboration develop a repetoire to share knowledge? What kind of repetoier do they use that helps them to understand each others needs and transfer information? What is the role and function of different attributes of these repetoires?

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