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E. (Esther) de Wit

PhD University-Industry collaboration
E. (Esther) de Wit

Research collaboration between universities and industry

Supervision: Prof. M.P. Gerkema, Dr. H.J. van der Windt, W.A. Dolfsma

The pressure on industry and academia to do research together is increasing. This increase is motivated by the idea that collaboration will increase the application of scientific knowledge. However, there is often a tension between publishing versus practical application. In other words, scientist and industrial partners might have different in goals for the use of the research outcomes. This is often reflected in the preferences for the spending of resources (time and money) within the project. This research aims to gain insight in the practices and strategies that scientists and companies use to realise their scientific and commercial goals within one project. The guiding question are:  

  • What is the space to manouvre and alling goals within university-industry collaborations?
  • What practices helpt to allign goals in university-industry collaborations?
To answer those questions I follow three research collaborations projects between industrial partners and university researchers. By attending meetings I gather data about the frictions in the collaborations and the practices that are used to resolve them. I use theoretical insights from science and technology studies and resaerch on alliances to explain my findings. The notion of boundary management in terms of creating salience, credibility and legitimacy has proved valuable for the projects I study.
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